ASBDCAssociation of Small Business Development Centers
ASBDCArkansas Small Business Development Center
ASBDCAlabama Small Business Development Consortium
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The program began as a pilot program in 2002 with the Minority Business Development Agency and has since been expanded to the ASBDC.
Plans for this year's ASBDC Conference include objectives to help facilitate the importance of successful entrepreneurship and not having to rely on the government for employment.
Webs will have a booth in the conference exhibit hall, where ASBDC members, corporate partners, and government partners will have the chance to meet and network.
Sponsors: Cabot Chamber of Commerce, Community Bank and ASBDC
We rely on partners such as the ASBDC that serve small businesses and our extensive network of authorized resellers, integrated solution providers and retailers to help us deliver value and satisfaction with our products.
Shafer, Chief Operating Officer of IBSG, who added "With four key states now having either signed formal Letters of Intent or who are having LOI's under review by their states with projected revenues of $22 million, and by being able to present the latest version of our BizWorldPro product to all other states at the ASBDC conference, we are well on our way to exceed our revenue projections for 2005-2006.
More than half (57%) of ASBDC poll respondents ranked themselves as "somewhat" comfortable and knowledgeable in making online recommendations to clients; while (21%) responded as "very comfortable.
Constant Contact's email newsletter service enables all of our SBDCs to have ongoing communication with small businesses and continue educational support long after clients leave our offices -providing them with up-to-date information on relevant business coaching and development programs," said Don Wilson, President, ASBDC.
The ASBDC represents America's Small Business Development Center Network -- the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States.
This is our third year exhibiting at the ASBDC National Conference.
The program began as a pilot in 2002 with the Minority Business Development Agency and has since been expanded to the ASBDC.