ASBEAlliance for Sustainable Built Environments
ASBEAmerican Society of Body Engineers (Flint, MI)
ASBEArgyros School of Business and Economics (Orange, CA)
ASBEAssociation for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (est. 1975)
ASBEAmerican Society of Baking Engineers (Petaluma, CA; now American Society of Baking)
ASBEArkansas State Board of Education (Little Rock, AR)
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1 Analysis of the effects of the major differences between the net profit under ASBE and the profit of the period under IFRS
Principal financial data and indicators Financial data and indicators prepared in accordance with ASBE
Certain changes are due to be made to ASBEs this year and, once completed, all large and medium-sized enterprises in China will be required to use the revised standards in 2012.