ASBIAmerican Segmental Bridge Institute
ASBIAnti-Social Behaviour Injunction (legal)
ASBIAlcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (targeted prevention)
ASBIAssociação Sul-Brasileira de Intercâmbio (Portuguese: South Brazilian Exchange Association)
ASBIAverage Symptom Burden Index
ASBIAnholt State Brands Index (state ranking)
ASBIAnti-Social Behaviour Initiative (UK)
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In last year's congressional debate on banking reform, ASBI sought to limit national bank insurance sales to small towns.
JUNE 2013: Nash spared jail after he breaches his ASBI for a fourth time.
It's the second time Banford has been jailed for breaching the ASBI with four breaches following on from earlier breaches that led to a jail term in March.
However, despite evidence of effectiveness and longstanding recommendations for ASBI implementation, limited information is available to assess aspects such as communication between a health professional and patient.
Giving Jeffries another chance, Judge Stapely told him the sentence would be adjourned for the lifetime of the ASBI.
In a bid to curb Smith's behaviour, North Tyneside Council applied for the ASBI, which was granted.
ASBOs and ASBIs have their critics but in this case they have shown to be highly effective with the breach triggering a lengthy sentence behind bars.
The small businessman and ordinary' Americans, ASBI told Robson, still look to commercial banks as a primary source of credit, even though the biggest corporations may be able to satisfy their credit needs some other way.
In granting the 18-month ASBI at North Shields County Court, Judge Peter Bullock said: "He's a one-man crimewave.
Barrister Ramby de Mello, for James, argued before Lord Justice Maurice Kay, Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Lord Justice Jackson, that the ASBI violated his client's human rights.
He was given the temporary ASBI after persistent anti-social behaviour offences on the estate.