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ASBLAmerican Small Business League
ASBLAssociation Sans But Lucratif (French: Non-Profit Organization)
ASBLAssociation Suisse de Bryologie et Lichénologie (website)
ASBLAssociation des Biologistes Luxembourgois (French: Association of Biologists Luxembourg)
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Yet during 2010, the ASBL requested and received full and comprehensive telephone records from federal agencies like the U.
The ASBL has now filed three Freedom of Information cases against the Pentagon trying to obtain any specific small business subcontracting data on prime contractors participating in the program.
The ASBL maintains that contracting officers who intentionally misrepresent large businesses as small should be prosecuted, and held accountable for their actions.
agreeing with the findings of Public Citizen and the ASBL.
The ASBL predicts that if the SBA is rolled into the Department of Commerce, within a matter of five years, the SBA's programs will essentially be eliminated and the individual staff at the SBA will slowly be phased out.
Research by POGO, Public Citizen and the ASBL all found the federal government's small business data was significantly inflated with billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms and their subsidiaries.
Over the past decade, the ASBL has won more than 20 similar legal battles against federal agencies.
The research by ASBL, Public Citizen and federal investigators has found the SBA's data to be significantly inflated in two ways.
You won't see President Obama mention the small business numbers on television because he knows that most of the money his administration claims went to small businesses actually went to some of the biggest companies in the world," said ASBL President Lloyd Chapman.
The page the ASBL received from the Pentagon had been completely redacted.
In the complaint for injunctive relief, ASBL attorney Robert Belshaw states that, "ASBL has a right of access to the documents requested pursuant to 5 U.
The ASBL has begun an annual analysis of the Federal Procurement Data System's statistics for fiscal year 2014.