ASBMAir to Surface Ballistic Missile
ASBMAnti-Ship Ballistic Missile (US and China)
ASBMAdvocates for Services for the Blind Multihandicapped
ASBMAsian School of Business Management
ASBMAsian Symposium on Biomedical Materials (University of Tokyo; biennial conference; est. 1993)
ASBMAssociation of Supervisory Board Members (Slovenia; corporate governance)
ASBMArm Sigma Blade Mixer (Jaygo, Inc.)
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Distinguishable nonproprietary naming for all biologic medicines is important for the appropriate use of originator biologies and biosimilars, as well as pharmacovigilance," according to ASBM immediate past chairman Harry Gewanter.
67) The development of the DF-21D ASBM, with its maneuverable warhead, as one of the first stages of a hypersonic weapon reinforces this assumption.
Second, they can be hardened and dispersed, presenting a tougher target than a ship, which must retire from the fight after a hit from an ASBM.
Other analysts observed that the US military has several ways of defeating the ASBM such as using decoys and by targeting Chinese support and communication systems.
Regarding the labeling of biosimilars, the ASBM survey reveals that pharmacists want greater transparency than the FDA currently requires.
soft-kill") measures, such as those for masking the exact location of Navy ships or confusing ASBM reentry vehicles.
Missiles such as the Dong-Feng 21D ASBM are key components of a military modernization program specifically designed to prevent adversary forces' access to regional conflicts.
To shoot down an ASBM once launched, the fleet will employ the Aegis ballistic missile defense system and SM-3 missile.
sources credit this missile with a "1,500+ km" range, while a 2011 China Daily article cited a range of 2,700 km, a figure disputed by Andrew Erickson, "DF-21D ASBM Deployed, but China Daily Probably Incorrect in Claiming '2,700km Range'; Gen.
Given its 1,500 km range and a flight time measured in minutes, China's revolutionary DF-21C ASBM not only offers its launcher virtual impunity from counterattack but represents potentially the most robust strike option currently possible.