ASBMRAmerican Society for Bone and Mineral Research
ASBMRAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Bethesda, MD)
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Philip Osdoby, an ASBMR councilor at the time and a longtime ASBMR member, explains why evaluation didn't seem important earlier in the organization's development: "We didn't have as many programs and therefore could be less structured," he notes.
Saag, who wasn't involved in the ASBMR review, recommended it as useful reading both for its areas of agreement with the ACR guidelines as well as for raising several patient scenarios in which the ASBMR committee believes the ACR recommendations either don't apply or might be improved upon.
The ASBMR task force recommendations include establishing an international registry of patients with these fractures, increasing research to determine whether bisphosphonates are the cause, and improving the labeling of these products so that health care professionals and patients are more aware of the potential for these fractures and the associated symptoms.
Miller will present this abstract at the ASBMR Annual Meeting in October, 2012.
Amgen's leadership in bone biology is clearly articulated in the findings shared at this year's ASBMR meeting," said Sean E.
Carmel, whose study earned the 2011 ASBMR Shun-Ichi Harada Young Investigator Award.
In a poster presentation at the recent ASBMR annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, Garnero reported similar results with synthetic conjugated estrogen, selective estrogen receptor modulators, and bisphosphonates, Dr Kleerekoper noted.
Sep 15, 2014: New Analyses Of Phase 2 Study Presented At ASBMR Show Romosozumab Treatment Resulted In Continued Increases In Bone Mineral Density
One multispeaker session during the meeting reviewed the data compiled by and the recommendations from an ASBMR task force that were published online last month, while several other speakers reported some of the incidence data that task force members considered when writing their recommendations (J.
Data Presented by Licensee, Tarsa at ASBMR 2011 Annual Meeting Show Oral Calcitonin Tablet OSTORA((TM) )Achieved Positive Results on Efficacy Endpoints in Phase 3 Osteoporosis Trial
Results from a second GLOW study also presented at ASBMR indicated that experiencing even one fracture after the age of 45 years can reduce a woman's quality of life.