ASBMRAmerican Society for Bone and Mineral Research
ASBMRAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Bethesda, MD)
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Leder, MD, an endocrinologist with Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and chair of the ASBMR Professional Practice Committee, said.
These conditions, which were formerly listed within minor criteria according to the 2010 ASBMR diagnostic criteria, were removed from the revised diagnostic criteria.
The ASBMR task force also found that the risk of atypical femoral fracture--but not osteonecrosis of the jaw--clearly increases with the duration of bisphosphonate therapy.
With such phenomenal growth, ASBMR leaders have been able to add important programs across the years with remarkable consensus.
In a second study presented at ASBMR, risedronate was as well-tolerated as placebo in women who had previously discontinued alendronate therapy due to upper gastrointestinal (GI) adverse events.
The data being presented at ASBMR underscore our steadfast focus for more than a decade to advance scientific understanding and care for the millions of people living with osteoporosis," said Sean E.
The FDA and the ASBMR published an initial report in 2010 that addressed some of these concerns, followed by an update in 2013.
The study earned him the 2011 ASBMR Most Outstanding Clinical Abstract Award.
Lane and his research team told the ASBMR meeting that vitamin D deficiency is an under-recognized problem in American women (and, to a lesser degree, among men).
The task force assembled by the ASBMR recommended several steps for physicians to take when they prescribe a bisphosphonate to reduce the atypical fracture risk faced by patients.