ASBRAutonomous System Boundary Router
ASBRAnaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor (soil and water treatment)
ASBRAutonomous System Border Router
ASBRAge-Specific Birth Rate
ASBRArlington Senior Babe Ruth (youth baseball league; Virginia)
ASBRAnti-Social Behaviour Reduction
ASBRAirsoft Bündner Rheintal (German)
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Study of the ASBR process in the treatment of high strength sulphate containing yeast production wastewaters
Stabilization of the pH in the ASBR during the operations is shown in Fig.
In the experiment the sulphide concentrations in the effluents of neither ASBR nor CSBR exceeded the inhibitory levels (150 mg [L.
This composition indicated that mainly methanogenic mineralization of organic matter was taking place in the ASBR.
The results of the present study (Table 2) demonstrate the ability of the ASBR process to achieve a good phosphorus removal efficiency--up to 61%.
In the large-scale experiments the instability of the processes could create significant difficulties in applying the ASBR technology for the treatment of yeast wastewaters.
An ASBR with a polymeric filler and coupled microaerophilic/anaerobic sequence batch reactor (CSBR) were investigated.
The optimal COD loading found for the ASBR was 6-8 kgCOD [m.
The data obtained by us will be useful in designing full-scale ASBR and CSBR processes.
Change of phosphorus and nitrogen content in the ASBR during the steady-state period Day [N.