ASBUArab States Broadcasting Union
ASBUAnti-Social Behaviour Unit (Portsmouth City Council; UK)
ASBUAutomotive Modules and Subsystems Business Unit
ASBUAutomotive Systems Business Unit
ASBUAdvanced Solutions Business Unit (Mercury Computer Systems)
ASBUAnti-Smoke Belching Unit (Philippines)
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ASBU director-general has also been mandated to take action against the Lebanese Communication Group in case it reneges on its commitment to professional media standards and the code of ethics, as well as the international covenants and treaties in the media sector.
Every year the ASBU Summit and Awards brings together key players of the Mena broadcast community to honour the achievers, who set the new benchmarks of success.
Anti-social behaviour can be reported to the ASBU on 01429 296588.
The Safer Neighbourhoods Unit will bring together the council's community safety section and the housing company ASBU, and will also include officers involved in policing domestic violence and enforcing laws on noise, dog fouling and litter.
Established in 2003 with eight officers and the support of the police the ASBU has already doubled in size.
For example, the opening sentence of Liverpool Anti-Social Behaviour Unit's draft strategy for 2003-2006 states that the Unit enjoys "notable success as a reactive punitive service" (Liverpool ASBU, 2003: 1).
The operations of ASBU have been classified as discontinued operations for the entire period of ownership.
On his part, Abdul Raheem Sulaiman, Director General of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) said that the positive relations between ASBU and HFCC Authority over the past 18 years has enabled the Arab radio to get frequencies for transmitting short radio waves that are free of scrambling.
Furthermore, the ASBU has set up a committee in charge of following up on the developments.
The ASBU director general read the apology and the decision of the ASBU general assembly assigning him to follow up the implementation of the group's commitment.
During a two-day meeting, the participants discussed a number of reports and issues regarding the ASBU activities.
It was awarded ASBU Broadcast Pro award for Best Arabic Drama and Best Content at the Digital Broadcast Award in 2011.