ASCACAssociation for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (Los Angeles, California)
ASCACAdvanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee (est. 1999; US Department of Energy)
ASCACAntisubmarine Classification & Analysis Center
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I am also pleased that ASCAC recognized the inherent benefits independent integrators such as The TOC Center offer.
ASCAC develops and delivers advanced concepts and systems analyses results that enable program offices to meet program objectives for future aerospace technologies.
The ASCAC International Board presented the following tribute to Queen Nzinga Ratibisha Heru at her memorial service in St.
In 1984, she served as one of the principal organizers of the First Annual Ancient Egyptian Studies Conference, consenting to serve as National Treasurer of the newly-formed ASCAC a year later and, in 1990, agreed to serve as the determined and inspiring International President of ASCAC, taking the reins of leadership from our founding President, Jacob H.
As a fierce and respected leader, Queen Nzinga played a pivotal role in helping ASCAC to spread African-Centered education, expose the community to African cultural ideas, practices, and activism, communicating ideas for the betterment of society, heightening our collective historical and cultural consciousness and self-consciously bringing the values of our African traditions and heritage into the contemporary world in our struggle for the African renaissance and the liberation of African people worldwide.
She was charting the future of ASCAC until her very last breath.
The members of ASCAC ought to re-dedicate ourselves to the liberation of African people through education, research, spiritual development and creative productions.
The ASCAC conference this year promises, as always, to inspire African people to continue to drink from the deep well of the "Wisdom Instructions for Life" from our ancestors and find guidance in understanding our past, present, and future in organizing and guiding the ongoing struggles to promote and perpetuate African-centered knowledge and leadership in the 21st century.
Unlike the more general interest group, ASCAC, which includes a variety of travelers, orators, and inspirational speakers on ancient Kemet, the Diop Conference was chartered as an organization that would keep the focus on intellectual and scholarly research in classical Africa.