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ASCAPAmerican Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers
ASCAPAxiomatic Safety-Critical Assessment Process
ASCAPAcross-Species Comparisons and Psychopathology
ASCAPAlaska State Community Action Program
ASCAPArts and Sciences Committee on Academic Programs (Texas Tech University; Lubbock, TX)
ASCAPAllied Suppliers Credit Association of the Philippines (Manila, Philippines)
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The following Casio electronic musical instruments will be on display during the ASCAP EXPO for attendees to play:
I believe that ASCAP is at the center of driving core change in the music industry which will benefit songwriters, composers, music publishers, licensees and music fans alike.
ASCAP will leverage the resulting cost savings to fund additional projects, including upgrading its cloud computing environment and building an enterprise virtual desktop infrastructure.
But it was not the notes on the page that convinced Apostoleris he had something worthy of submission to ASCAP.
An ASCAP license, for a modest annual fee, grants music users the right to perform any or all of the eight million copyrighted musical works in ASCAP's repertory as often as they like.
As the smallest of copyright collection agencies, SESAC has always been in the background, behind the two giants ASCAP and BMI, who have been accused by many dance schools of harassment.
I ran into trouble because I hadn't registered with ASCAP before I started writing professionally.
ASCAP will charge ACA-accredited camps one dollar per year, which will be paid by ACA on behalf of its member camps.
But in 1922, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) began to demand that radio stations pay an annual fee in return for the use of recorded music copyrighted by ASCAP members.
One year has passed since ASCAP and BMI began asking associations to sign music licenses.
The first issue was whether ASCAP, an organization that licenses the public performance rights of millions of musical compositions controlled by its members, has the right to require companies delivering downloads to take licenses and to pay royalties, i.