ASCCAAutomotive Service Councils of California (formerly ASC)
ASCCAAlabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults
ASCCAAmerican Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists
ASCCAAlabama's Special Camp for Children & Adults (Easter Seals)
ASCCAAlliance to Strengthen Cancer Care Access
ASCCAAsi Studies Center for Culture & the Arts (Banton, Romblon)
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The mission of Camp ASCCA is to help eligible individuals with disabilities and/or health impairments achieve equality, dignity, and maximum independence.
These diverse facilities allow Camp ASCCA to provide a myriad of exciting programming options.
The off-season program consists of respite, family, and specialty camps that allow Camp ASCCA to serve a greater number and wider variety of disabled consumers.
The largest program area at Camp ASCCA is the Outdoor Education component.
From tennis to basketball, a range of sports that require little or no adaptive equipment are demonstrated at Camp ASCCA.
With barrier-free adventure activities, Camp ASCCA offers children and adults with disabilities a chance to climb a tree, slide down a zip line, climb a 20-foot cargo net, tackle a low ropes course and rappel down a tower.
As stated by John Stephenson, Camp Administrator, "Our goal as an organization is to give each camper the best possible experience every time they visit Camp ASCCA.
For more information about Camp ASCCA, go to the camp website at www.
is Professor Emeritus Jacksonville State University and a former Chair of the Camp ASCCA Board of Directors.
This summer, the new Camp ASCCA OutPost was officially completed, and there are big plans for the new activity area.