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ASCENTAssociation of Communications Enterprises (formerly Telecommunications Resellers Association)
ASCENTAdolescent Smoking Cessation Escaping Nicotine and Tobacco (Danya International, Inc.)
ASCENTAdaptive Self-Configuring Sensor Network Topologies
ASCENTAnalysis of Space Concepts Enabled by New Transportation (US NASA)
ASCENTAirliner Sensor and Cabin Environment Network
ASCENTAlliance for Secure Computing Education in North Texas
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PARTLY from the damping influence of this alarm, partly to rest Silver and the sick folk, the whole party sat down as soon as they had gained the brow of the ascent.
He held the door open for them, and they passed out into the hall and began the ascent.
Then Kala Nag reached the crest of the ascent and stopped for a minute, and Little Toomai could see the tops of the trees lying all speckled and furry under the moonlight for miles and miles, and the blue-white mist over the river in the hollow.
The first thing the princess did on arriving at the mountain was to stop her ears with cotton, and then, making up her mind which was the best way to go, she began her ascent.
He saw how many knights had broken their necks in vain, but undaunted he approached the steep mountain on foot and began the ascent.
The dawn came, more slowly, I think, than we could have wished; we completed the ascent in order to see if from the summit any habitation or any shepherds' huts could be discovered, but strain our eyes as we might, neither dwelling, nor human being, nor path nor road could we perceive.
According to his account, my unfortunate Ancestor, being afflicted with rheumatism, and in the act of being felt by a Polygon, by one sudden start accidentally transfixed the Great Man through the diagonal; and thereby, partly in consequence of his long imprisonment and degradation, and partly because of the moral shock which pervaded the whole of my Ancestor's relations, threw back our family a degree and a half in their ascent towards better things.
Now and then a faint quiver of earthquake would be sensible, and sometimes the ascent of the spire of smoke would be rendered tumultuous by gusts of steam; but that was all.
Therefore such as these have great difficulties in consummating their enterprise, for all their dangers are in the ascent, yet with ability they will overcome them; but when these are overcome, and those who envied them their success are exterminated, they will begin to be respected, and they will continue afterwards powerful, secure, honoured, and happy.
Captain Bonneville sets out for Green River valley Journey up the Popo Agie Buffaloes The staring white bears The smoke The warm springs Attempt to traverse the Wind River Mountains The Great Slope Mountain dells and chasms Crystal lakes Ascent of a snowy peak Sublime prospect A panorama "Les dignes de pitie," or wild men of the mountains
After resting for a few moments we began the ascent, and after a little vigorous climbing found ourselves close to its summit.
To check this ascent, the only recourse is, (or rather was, until Mr.