ASCGAutomatic Solution Crystal Growth
ASCGActive Solutions Consulting Group (UK)
ASCGAmmunition Supply Coordinating Group
ASCGArctic Slope Consulting Group, Inc. (architecture/engineering firm; Anchorage, AK)
ASCGAnnual Symposium on Computational Geometry (annual conference; various locations)
ASCGAvon Street Community Garden
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Finally, we decided against the use of the alternative ASCG classification that covers all Australian Statistical Region Sectors (SRS), Statistical Regions (SR), and Major Statistical Regions (MSR) for three reasons.
ASCG hourly employees are skilled technicians who test and inspect for corrosion and weld defects.
Their goal is to win a contract with ASCG, so the company commits in writing to maintain and/or improve these matters of employment over a defined period of time.
ASCG Incorporated will also create a master plan of the property that will include the golf course, future RV park, casitas/condos along the golf course, and a wastewater treatment facility," said Tom Cassidy, AIA, Associate Vice President, Hospitality Services for ASCG.
John McClellan, past president of ASCG Incorporated, announced his retirement early this year, marking the end of a remarkable 24-year journey that started with two men and a desk.
Headquartered in Anchorage, ASCG now has 700 employees in 15 locations.
We have been in the top 100 rankings for design firms for several years, but this is the first time ASCG made the top 100 for construction management services.
Significant factors in 2005 included the sale of ASCG Inc.
NANA's major developments in 2005 include purchase of ASCG, an engineering firm with operations in Alaska and in the western United States, from the Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
In 2005, NANA purchased an engineering firm, ASCG, that also operates in the western United States.
One of our commitments at ASCG of New Mexico, and ASCG as a whole, is to total project services," said John McClellan, ASCG president and CEO.
The Swedish Federation of Consulting Engineers and Architects also ranked ASCG Inc.