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ASCLAssociation of School and College Leaders (UK)
ASCLAchaete-Scute Complex-Like
ASCLAlternate Smart Card Logon
ASCLAdvanced Sonobuoy Communications/Command Link
ASCLApplication Standard Component Library
ASCLArkansas State Crime Laboratory (Little Rock, AR)
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ASCL president Carl Ward said: "I would say for at least eight years or so now, the workload element that increases for school teachers and specifically leaders, in dealing with issues that are picked up by social media is exponential from the way it used to be, completely, totally.
ASCL general secretary Brian Lightman said there was "enormous concern" across the education sector about the GCSE English results.
ASCL general secretary Brian Lightman paid tribute to the popular headteacher.
We are delighted to win this work from the ASCL in the face of stiff competition," he said.
Of the 1,471 ASCL members questioned, 8 per cent said their schools have already become academies, while 38 per cent said they were in the process of converting or intend to, as soon as they are eligible.
The ASCL also welcomed the announcement to scrap Sats tests for 14-year-olds last year and has made similar calls to drop league tables and introduce teacher assessments.
The ASCL is a trade association representing Louisiana sugarcane growers and raw sugarcane processors.
THE Western Mail (November 2) highlighted the problems surrounding schools funding, the ASCL Cymru leader warning Welsh school budgets are "stretched to breaking-point".
The announcement of the ASCL seminars comes after the alleged Trojan Horse plot by hardline Muslims to seize control of a number of school governing boards in Birmingham.
ASCL is a subsidiary of Apollo Health & Lifestyle, the arm of the Apollo Hospitals Group that is driving its speedy growth in primary and secondary healthcare.
Robin Hughes, secretary of ASCL Cymru, which represents 90% of Wales' secondary school leaders, said he opposed the idea.