ASCLDAmerican Society of Crime Lab Directors
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Table of Acronyms ASCLD American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors CIMS Center Information Management System COTS Commercial Of-the-shelf DC3 Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center DCCI Defense Cyber Crime Institute DCFL Defense Computer Forensics Lab DCITA Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy DoD Department of Defense LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
Congratulations to Ricoh Forensics for demonstrating a level of excellence generally only sought by government entities - only a few non-government organizations have sought and demonstrated conformance to the stringent criteria required for earning ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation," said ASCLD Executive Director Ralph Keaton.
The ASCLD accreditation assures our clients that the methodologies and procedures followed by CyberEvidence exceed industry standards.
Brown recommends that companies seeking a service partner confirm relevant expertise, insurance, certifications in computer forensic methodology, Private Investigator licensing, and ASCLD accreditation.
The ASCLD validation is essential to the use of Secure FTP Server for secure transmission of evidence, including digital photographs and fingerprint images, from a crime scene.