ASCMAnti-ship Cruise Missile (US Navy)
ASCMAsian Seminary of Christian Ministries
ASCMAir and Space Campaign Medal (US DoD)
ASCMAssociated Students of Construction Management
ASCMAdvanced Solar Cell Manufacturing (production concept)
ASCMAdvanced Space Computing Module
ASCMMaster Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician (US Navy rating)
ASCMAdvanced Spaceborne Computer Model
ASCMAssociation of Specialist Car Manufacturers
ASCMAlberta Survey Control Marker (Canada)
ASCMAntiship Capable Missile
ASCMAmerican Society for the Communication of Mathematics (Oklahoma City, OK)
ASCMAnti-Surface Cruise Missile
ASCMAir Space Control Measure(s)
ASCMAquatic Study Club Makassar
ASCMAlberta Survey Control Monument/Marker (Alberta, Canada)
ASCMArtistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland LLC (Baltimore, MD)
ASCMApplication Support Center Manager
ASCMAdaptive Subcarrier Multiplexing (signal integration)
ASCMAmerican Congress on Surveying and Mapping (Gaithersburg, MD)
ASCMAgreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
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It is crucial that theoretical and practical research on real-life supersonic ASCM flight and attack profiles and on effective defenses against them be conducted.
For example, a comparison of the Navy's primary defensive missile, the SM-2, against the service's own ASCM, the AGM-84 Harpoon, reveals a cost ratio of $2,560,000 to $474,000--an advantage to the offense of five to one.
As part of its strategy to dramatically expand its services to these customers and rapidly scale its business, it is building an information technology network and scaleable systems to provide global ASCM services.
Nearly 200 ASCM microprocessors are in orbit today serving commercial telecommunications, military, and research and exploration programs.
ASCMs would also be of limited use, since their difficulty in discriminating among targets would make successful attack on a warship in the crowded strait statistically unlikely, especially from longer ranges.
That would allow follow-on attacks by layered, diverse, and appropriately redundant PLAN submarine, air, and surface forces firing large numbers of very modern and capable ASCMs, torpedoes, and even their guns if the earlier attacks suppress most defenses.
As we move forward into the development stage of the ASCM project, we will be focusing on creating a unique Internet shopping experience," says Rick Noll, Activeworlds.
Activeworlds' 3D virtual reality technology is recognized as one of the most advanced in the world, and will be utilized in the ASCM Virtual Mall to recreate both the shopping malls and individuals in a 3D world.
To deter such an onslaught, it has aggressively pursued development of advanced antiship cruise missiles (ASCM) and has imported Russian supersonic ASCMs.
As being the member of WTO, the government of Pakistan promulgated the Countervailing Duties Ordinance 2001 (CVD Ordinance) in accordance with ASCM.
conflict with the ASCM than the GATT, however the structure of the ASCM
According to a commerce ministry statement on Tuesday, " India has achieved a significant victory at the WTO as the appellate body held that the countervailing duty (CVD) measures imposed by the US against certain hot- rolled carbon steel flat products are inconsistent with various provisions of the ASCM (Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures).