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ASCODAfrican Sports Confederation of Disabled
ASCODAustrian-Spanish Co-operative Development (military vehicle manufacturer; Madrid, Spain)
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ASCOD is organising a flea market on the first Saturday of March and people can drop off their donations on or before this day.
The MoD chose General Dynamics UK's ASCOD SV because it guaranteed the best protection for British troops, the best value for money for the British taxpayer, the best deal for the UK Industrial base, the best integrated solution, and the best growth potential for the British Army to combat future threats throughout the 30-year lifespan of the vehicle," commented Dr.
Key advantages that the ASCOD SV delivers to the MoD include:
The General Dynamics team, led by General Dynamics UK, is offering a low-risk evolution of the ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicle, already in use with the Spanish and Austrian armies, for the Specialist Vehicle element of the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES SV).
Dr Sandy Wilson, President and Managing Director of General Dynamics UK, said: "General Dynamics' ASCOD SV has leap-frogged its rival for FRES.
The ASCOD SV programme is British to its bootstraps, delivering a Military off the Shelf vehicle with British design by British engineers to the British Army while safeguarding or creating 10,600 jobs for British workers.
British troops using the ASCOD SV will have the best protection available in this vehicle class, both as it is delivered and as it grows to meet future threats.
General Dynamics UK has sub-contracted Lockheed Martin UK INSYS to produce the turret of the Scout variant of ASCOD SV, and will transfer full rate production of the entire ASCOD SV programme to DSG in Donnington, ensuring 80% of ASCOD SV production happens in the UK.
Lord Peter Levene, Chairman of General Dynamics UK Limited said: "We are delighted that the MoD has selected ASCOD SV for its SV programme, a decision we believe will sustain the British tank industry for future generations.