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ASCOMAstronomy Common Object Model
ASCOMArmy Service Command
ASCOMASW Operations Centers Communication
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The last 12 months have seen some tremendous progress as ASCOM has secured excellent concessions in known gold regions in Africa," said ASCOM Precious Metals Mining (APM) Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Crichton.
ASCOM currently has five concessions in Ethiopia and has recently secured precious metals exploration rights on a 3,000-square-kilometer concession in Sudan's Blue Nile State.
ASCOM subsidiary APM has also reported promising results in Sudan.
ASCOM has already started a revolution in the way that amateur astronomers are using their software.
Most of this is possible only because ASCOM allows different programs to be accessed by the same script, and all ASCOM programs are required to "play nice" with one another.
No one actually needs to go out and learn a scripting language to take advantage of the ASCOM revolution.