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ASCPAmerican Society of Consultant Pharmacists
ASCPAmerican Society for Clinical Pathology (formerly American Society of Clinical Pathologists; Chicago, IL)
ASCPAmerican Society of Clinical Pathologists (now American Society for Clinical Pathology)
ASCPAdvanced Supply Chain Planning (Oracle)
ASCPArmy Small Computer Program (US Army)
ASCPAlexeySoft Color Picker (newsgroup)
ASCPAmerican Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (New York, NY, USA)
ASCPAspartate-Specific Cysteine Protease
ASCPAzerbaijan School Connectivity Program
ASCPAfterStep Control Panel
ASCPAssociation of Collegiate Schools of Planning
ASCPAmerican Securities Capital Partners, LLC
ASCPAfter-School Care Program
AsCPAsian Citrus Psyllid
ASCPAlliance for Saturation Church Planting
ASCPAlice Springs Cultural Precinct (Australia)
ASCPAustralasian Society for Continental Philosophy
ASCPAutomated Survey Creation Process
ASCPAtrium Shark Cartilage Powder
ASCPAmerican Society of Cardiovascular Professionals
ASCPAirman Scholarship & Commissioning Program
ASCPAviation System Capacity Plan
ASCPAmerican Studies Certificate Program
ASCPArmy Strategic Capabilities Plan
ASCPActive Service Control Protocol
ASCPAmerican Society of Concierge Physicians
ASCPArterial Streets Classification Policy (Portland, OR, USA)
ASCPAlternate Selection and Communications Protocol
ASCPArmenian School Connectivity Programs
ASCPAmes/Story County Partnership (Iowa)
ASCPAvionics Software Control Panel
ASCPAncient Studies Collaborative Program
ASCPActivated Sludge Single-Cell Protein
ASCPAnnual Service Connection Permit
ASCPÁrea Sob a Curva de Progresso
ASCPAnimación Sociocultural Penitenciaria
ASCPAmateur Station Control Protocol
ASCPApplication Services Creation Platform (Ubiquity Software Corp)
ASCPAccelerated Simulation and Computing Program (US DOE)
ASCPAirway Stent Customisation Protocol
ASCPAging Specialist Certificate Program
ASCPAutomatic System of Calculation of Frames and Pipelines
ASCPAutomated Sensor and Control Package (SubAir Systems, LLC)
ASCPArkansas Secondary Conditions Project
ASCPAdvisory Committee on Security and Privacy (ACM)
ASCPAmericas Society Corporate Program
ASCPAscorbyl Palmitate
ASCPAmerican Society of Consulting Planners
ASCPAtlantic Salmon Conservation Plan
ASCPAtlantic Science Curriculum Project
ASCPAlberta Social Credit Party
ASCPAir Systems Control Panel
ASCPAdministrative Staff Certificate Program (Canada)
ASCPApplication Specific Co-Processor
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Alfresco has afforded ASCP the ability to develop a really unique solution within the pathology community, ASCP CTO Ron Swan said.
By leveraging leap frog technology and the skills and experience of ASCP members, clinicians in Sub-Saharan Africa can have access to quality real-time cancer diagnostics, allowing them to detect cancers and subsequently treat patients more quickly," said ASCP Chief Executive Officer, E.
ASCP consultants--the majority of them laboratory professionals--began by conducting training for currently employed laboratory professionals through the Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation (SLMTA) program.
Since the last three years, 13 graduates from the programme have successfully passed the ASCP exam and with this achievement, the graduates have now become Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS), as they have achieved the highest academic rating anywhere in the world," HMC Laboratory manager Dr Victor Skrinska said.
Discounts on more than 20 ASCP continuing education courses, which are designed to help pharmacists build the necessary knowledge base to understand and effectively serve the long term care market.
On July 21, 2009, a Combination Agreement was signed to merge all of the certification activities and operations of the NCA and the BOR into a single organization, to be known as the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC).
The agency will be called the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC).
What recommendations has ASCP offered to CMS to carry to lawmakers and regulators to make Part D responsive to institutionalized elderly?
David Horing, a managing director of ASCP, said, "Given our experience investing in other direct marketing companies, we have been impressed by the management team's disciplined approach to customer acquisition and its commitment to providing consumers with leading experts' viewpoints on alternative therapies.
ASCP provides commercial IT products and services for the Army Enterprise-including hardware, software, peripherals, networking and support services--which comply with DoD and Army policies on standardization and interoperability.
Recipients have made significant contributions to pathology through sustained service to the profession and to ASCP.