ASDASAurora Seventh Day Adventist School (Aurora, CO)
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Sonuc: Calisma bulgularimiz, IkI ASDAS skorunun hastalik aktIvItesI ve fonksIyonel durum Ile IlIskIlI oldugunu gostermektedIr.
3), (6), (7) Four ASDAS versions have been evaluated, and the one that includes total back pain, peripheral pain/swelling, duration of morning stiffness, the patient's global assessment of disease activity, and C-reactive protein (ASDAS-CRP) was selected by members of the Assessment of Spondyloarthritis international Society (ASAS) as the preferred version.
The primary aim of this study was to assess the relationship between the BASDAI, BASFI, and two ASDAS scores in patients with AS.
The correlations between the two ASDAS scores and the BASDAI and BASFI in the AS patients are shown in Table 2.
6%) of the AS patients had high disease activity, and these had significantly higher values in terms of duration of symptoms, the BASFI, and the two ASDAS scores.
The ASDAS was developed as a validated, highly discriminatory index for assessing disease activity in patients with AS.
While the ASDAS includes the categories of spinal pain, peripheral joint pain, morning stiffness, the patient's global assessment of disease activity, and laboratory parameters, (21-23) it does not include fatigue and local tenderness.
In addition, the two ASDAS scores were also correlated with the functional status of the patients.
ASDAS, a highly discriminatory ASAS-endorsed disease activity score in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.
ASDAS, BASDAI and different treatment responses and their relation to biomarkers of inflammation, cartilage and bone turnover in patients with axial spondyloarthritis treated with TNF[alpha] inhibitors.
Patients who were HLA-B27 positive had a much higher chance of achieving ASDAS major improvement at 3 months than did those who were HLA-B27 negative (odds ratio, 6.
For every 1-year increase in age, the likelihood of achieving ASDAS major improvement declined, with young patients faring the best overall (OR, 0.