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Sensis Corporation and its teammate, Raytheon Company, were awarded the ASDE-X first article contract in October 2000 and are currently performing first article acceptance testing to validate system performance.
The Test Bed is facilitating the integration of technologies currently in use, such as ASDE-X and Aerobahn, with emerging NextGen concepts, the Flight Data Object and SWIM, in a manner that can accelerate their deployment in the NAS.
Sensis will create, test and optimize the RWSL lights to integrate RWSL with ASDE-X.
Philadelphia International Airport is the 22nd airport to receive ASDE-X under the US Federal Aviation Administration's ASDE-X programme.
Seventeen of the 35 airports to receive the technology through the FAA's ASDE-X program are now operational.
The FAA has identified ASDE-X as an important piece of the FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), playing a significant role in making airports safer and more efficient," said Marc Viggiano, chief operating officer of Sensis Corporation.
ASDE-X is designed to integrate with future components of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, the FAA said.
Sensis' LCGS solution leverages the ASDE-X technology by using the same solid-state Surface Movement Radar Improved (SMRi) sensor and the same Air Traffic Control Display.
The LGCS programme is one of several initiatives that are aimed at reducing the number and severity of incidents occurring close to 500 US towered airports where current airport surface detection equipment, such as ASDE-3 and ASDE-X, is too expensive to be deployed.
ASDE-X combines ground surveillance data from a number of sources to provide air traffic controllers with highly accurate, real-time position and identification information of all aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface.
In addition to increasing safety, the FAA has identified ASDE-X as saving time, money and fuel.