ASDIAustralian Spatial Data Infrastructure
ASDIAgencia Sueca de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo
ASDIActive Directory Service Interfaces (Microsoft Windows 2000)
ASDIAnalog Simple Data Interface
ASDIAnatolian Shepherd Dogs International Inc.
ASDIAssociation Sénégalaise pour le Développement Intégré (French)
ASDIAnalytical Services of Delaware Inc. (Newark, DE)
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AECO Asociacion Ecologista Costarricense ALIDES Alianza Centroamericana para el Desarrollo Sostenible ASDI Agencia Sueca de Cooperacion y Desarrollo Internacional CATIE Centro Agricola Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza CEA Centro de Educacion Ambiental de la UNED CECADE Centro de Capacitacion para el Desarrollo CEDECO Corporacion Educativa para el Desarrollo Costarricense CEDIA Centro de Documentacion e Informacion Ambiental de la UNED CENAT Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnologia CEPAL Comision Economica para America Latina y el Caribe CEPIS Centro Panamericano de Ingenieria Sanitaria CNUMAD Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo.
It includes ASDI results for six countries in the sub-region, namely: Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia.
Politicas, derechos y superacion del desplazamiento forzado en Colombia, Ediciones Uniandes ACNUR ASDI, Bogota, 2009, p.
ASDI would offer significant simulation/stimulation expertise based on the company's AMES product lines, as well as the new FLAMES flight-line test set.
TAP) - Some 374 new associations were created in the second quarter of 2016 (April 1st- June 30) against 119 in the first quarter of the same year, said Thursday Mohamed Fadhel Hamdi, President of ASDI.
Imagenes de la Mujer Indigena, Coleccion Becas de Investigacion, Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales y ASDI, Buenos Aires.
For EW-related simulation, particularly in major laboratory and anechoic chamber applications, users will turn to the large, software-controlled systems provided by such companies as Amherst and ASDI.
ASDI is implementing similar programmes in other Arab countries.
The ASDI sets forth the terms under which Heineken will deliver approximately 29 million allotted Heineken shares to FEMSA.
ASDI, DCBGSI, CDCP-FC, TCPC, and TFC, on the other hand, were abolished since they were non-operational corporations.
UNFPA, DANIDA, ASDI IIDH (2008) Mas alla de la violacion del derecho a la vida.
These capabilities will be augmented by an Advanced Microwave Environment Generator recently purchased from ASDI.