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ASDICAnti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (British)
ASDICAllied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (detection device)
ASDICArmed Services Documents Intelligence Center
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While Asdic headed to La Jolla, Goad made his way to his job as operations manager at Crane Aerospace & Electronics in Burbank.
Many know that ANZAC is the "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps," but who knows that ASDIC is the "Antisubmarine Detection Investigation Committee.
Shortly thereafter, the remaining officers appeared and took over their various stations--Scott on the gun, Fenwick on navigation in the wheelhouse, and Lawrence on the ASDIC (Sonar).
Royal Navy officials had confidently predicted ASDIC would help sweep U-boats from the seas, but U-boat skippers quickly learned to foil the system by slipping through the ocean's signal-suppressing, layered temperature zones.
Depth charges were used in conjunction with ASDIC, later known as sonar, which had been fitted in many of the Royal Navy's smaller warships in 1939.
The primary tactical "enablers" were radar and visual search by ships and aircraft, and early sonar (American) or asdic (British) acoustic sensors on surface ships.
But one role Casa Loma played would turn the oak wood-panelled rooms and Roman stone walls into so much more than a playboy's show home--it would house the production of the ASDIC sonar device, a tool that was essential for protecting Allied ships against German submarines in World War II.