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ASDL[maybe you are looking for ADSL, a type of high speed internet connection?]
ASDLAerospace Systems Design Laboratory (Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
ASDLAbstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language
ASDLAbstract Syntax Description Lanuguage
ASDLAssociation for the Society of Deliberate Lesbians
ASDLAdvanced STANO Data Link
ASDLAeronautical Satellite Data Link (avionics)
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In the meantime BT effectively stopped any of their competitors from rolling out ASDL by refusing to allow any of them into local exchanges to install equipment.
Monthly fees will be 7,000 yen for personal computer owners who opt to use the service on their existing telephone line and 8,700 yen for those who hire an additional telecom line for receiving the ASDL service.
Frontier hopes to encourage Welsh companies to take advantage of internet connectivity - in particular, the benefits that ASDL broadband can bring to Welsh SMEs.
Well it's got to help, but in both the ASDL and cable modem cases the impressive mega-bitage touted will actually be shared with other people in your area, so in fact the first to get connected will see a progressive deterioration of the connection speed as their neighbours catch on.
The group also announced it had signed a deal with Hull-based telephone company Kingston which will allow Sky to send digital television and video on demand down Kingston's telephone lines to its 170,000 residential customers using ASDL - a technology that bolsters the capacity of copper wires.
The ASDL series of low-cost IR emitters and detectors incorporates Avago's Aluminum Gallium Arsenide on GaAs (AlGaAs/GaAs) LED technology and are available in T1, T13/4 and Side Look standard packaging and optimized to operate at wavelengths of 870 and 940nm to provide design flexibility.
It would also help them exploit the new digital mobile market and ASDL technology which allows video to be sent down telephone lines.
Three weeks ago, BT's chief executive Sir Peter Bonfield held a press conference to boast about the long-awaited launch of the group's new ASDL technology, which - at extra cost of course - will cut the inordinate length of time it takes to download from the Internet.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Flash Networks, a leading provider of mobile Internet quality-of-experience (QoE) solutions, today announced optimization techniques applied to HSDPA results in faster web browsing than ASDL enabling mobile operators to outperform ISP's.
Recently, home surfers have seen a new saviour that could free them from their bandwidth chains, ASDL technology.