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ASDL[maybe you are looking for ADSL, a type of high speed internet connection?]
ASDLAerospace Systems Design Laboratory (Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
ASDLAbstract Type and Scheme Definition Language
ASDLAeronautical Satellite Data Link (avionics)
ASDLAbstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language
ASDLAbstract Syntax Description Lanuguage
ASDLAssociation for the Society of Deliberate Lesbians
ASDLAdvanced STANO Data Link
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The patient's son was diagnosed with ASDL at age 9 and underwent several surgeries, including cataract surgery (4).
The provision of high-speed access services (provision of DSL services by the incumbent operator) involves the incumbent installing a high-speed access connection running to the subscriber's premises (by installing the equipment and ASDL on its local access network, for example).
Charging non-NTT subscribers for such work could enable the two NTT arms to take away potential ASDL customers from non-NTT carriers, the FTC said.
In the event, BT have been far slower than they promised - to the point that I don't know anyone who has an ASDL line installed at all.
ASDL provides data transmission speeds of 640 kilobites per second -- 10 times faster than ISDN's 64 kbps.
Nextra intends to launch an ASDL service in Switzerland later this month.
The 411 ASDL USB modem delivers on Xpeed's promise to provide business-class performance at consumer prices in an easy-to-install format," said Richard D'sa vice president of sales and marketing for Xpeed Networks.
These new additions to the FAT CAT Series incorporate six exclusive Key Digital technologies, such as the ASDL (Adaptive Smart Data Link), allowing crystalline transmission and reception of almost any video and audio signal possible over a distance of 1000ft.
The company recently secured a marketing grant from British Telecom as part of a UK-wide initiative to promote the rollout of ASDL broadband.
In the event of shared use of the copper pair (unbundling access to the high frequency spectrum of the local loop for the competitive provision of DSL systems and services by third parties), the incumbent operator continue to offer telephone services, whilst the new entrant provides high-speed services via the same local loop using the newcomer's own high-speed ASDL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) modems.
Throw in an ASDL connection (already available in Birmingham via BT Openworld) and the whole home network will be on the Internet at high speed.
The Fusion 210 and 410 provide a fully integrated ADSL WAN interface that lets small office and SME users take advantage of the high speed and low cost of ASDL compared to access methods such as T1 or leased lines.