ASDRAfrican Security Dialogue and Research (Accra, Ghana)
ASDRAttack Sustain Decay Release (music production)
ASDRAirport Surface Detection Radar
ASDRAnalog Signal-to-Distortion Ratio
ASDRAdaptive Spatial Diversity Receiver
ASDRATCCS System Design Review
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ASDRs were calculated using alternative midyear estimates [32] and the World Health Organization world standard.
National trends in deaths and ASDRs are reported by broad cause groups, categories of conditions and single causes.
Substantial increases in ASDRs were observed for diabetes mellitus, renal disease, prostate and breast cancer, and endocrine, nutritional, blood and immune disorders, while decreases occurred for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and lung cancer.
ASDRs for CVDs and diabetes mellitus by gender and population group for the years 2000-2010 are shown in Fig.
For this calculation, we used the same cost values as for the present study conducted in the field in the ASDR (Table 1).
The reproductive cycle of paca must have had little effect on our sampling with traps, as pacas reproduce fairly consistently throughout the year in ASDR (Valsecchi et al.
In this study we describe paca hunting in ASDR based on the killing records over eight years of monitoring.
The human population in ASDR is approximately 4,000 people, distributed in communities and settlements along three main forestry formations: terra-firme; varzea and igapo.
We conducted this study in five ASDR communities and their common use areas (Figure 1).
Three observations were made in flooded areas in ASDR, two in varzea forests on the margin of Coracizinho Rivers, and another one on Bacaba trail, in igapo forest.
Not much difference was observed between male and female sizes collected in ASDR (Table 2).
This contribution is yet another example of our government commitment to supporting enterprises that, like ASDR Fabrication, are making the necessary investments to increase their productivity, " said Minister Lebel.