ASDTAssociacao Social-Democrata Timorense (Timorese Social Democratic Association, East Timor)
ASDTArmy Safe Driver Training
ASDTAustralian Standard Diagnostic Techniques
ASDTAmerican School of Dog Training (Aurora, CO)
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At the ASDT congress, goats and buffalo tethered to trees graze on the foreshore; they will be feasted on tomorrow.
1974, the name ASDT was changed to Frente Revolucionaria de Timor Leste Independente, abbreviated Fretilin).
In September 1974, ASDT held a general assembly at which the party name was changed to the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Frente Revolucionaria Timor Leste Independente, abbreviated Fretilin) and a new party manifesto was produced.
Not long after this exchange, ASDT leader Francisco Xavier do Amaral announced that his party was willing to join a coalition with PD and PSD to contest the 2007 national election (Timor Post, 16-11-2005).
While Fretilin, PD, and PSD fielded party candidates, ASDT made the strategic decision that local party figures should run as 'individual' candidates, not as party representatives.