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ASEAmerican Stock Exchange
ASEAutomotive Service Excellence
ASEAutomated Software Engineering (IEEE/ACM International Conference)
ASENational Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
ASEAdaptive Server Enterprise (Sybase)
ASEAlliance to Save Energy (Washington, DC)
ASEAssociation for Science Education (UK)
ASEAmplified Spontaneous Emission
ASEAide Sociale à l'Enfance (French: Child Welfare)
ASEAmerican Society of Echocardiography
ASEAccommodation Search Engine
ASEAthens Stock Exchange (Greece)
ASEAccredited Systems Engineer
ASEAll Seeing Eye (software product)
ASEAssociation of Space Explorers
ASEAssociation for Surgical Education
ASEAircraft Survivability Equipment
ASEApplication Service Element
ASEAgence Spatiale Européenne (French: European Space Agency; est. 1975)
ASEAlberta Stock Exchange
ASEAutonomous Sciencecraft Experiment
ASEAdvanced Software Engineering (Sprint - Group)
ASEAmerican Silver Eagle (coin collecting)
ASEAmalgamated Society of Engineers
ASEAmerican Society of Employers
ASEAssociation-Control Service Element (IBM)
ASEAustralian Securities Exchange
ASEAero Systems Engineering
ASEAssociation Suisse des Electriciens (French: Swiss Association of Electricians; Switzerland; est. 1889)
ASEAirborne Support Equipment
ASEAgenzia Spaziale Europea (European Space Agency)
ASEAustralian Screen Editors
ASEAltimetry System Error
ASEArmed Services Edition (Council on Books in Wartime)
ASEActively Seeking Employment
ASEAutomotive Software Engineering
ASEAccelerated Solution Environment
ASEAnalysis Service Element (Visual Uptime)
ASEAmerican Society of Embalmers
ASEAutomatic Stabilization Equipment
ASEAladdin Smartcard Environment
ASEActive Storage Element
ASEAspen, CO, USA - Pitkin County Airport Sardy Field (Airport Code)
ASEApprenticeships in Science & Engineering
ASEAcademic Skills Enhancement (various schools)
ASEAccount Support Engineer
ASEAdvanced Server Edition (Novell)
ASEAromatic Stabilization Energy
ASEAlternative Scarborough Education (Scarborough Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ASEAmicale Sportive d'Evry (French sports association; Evry, France)
ASEAllowable Steering Error
ASEAlliance Sud Expertise
ASEAircraft Survival Equipment
ASEAir Support Element
ASEAviation Support Element
ASEAutomotive Stirling Engine
ASEAircrew Survival Equipmentman (US Navy enlisted rating)
ASEAlkali Soluble Emulsion
ASEAviation Survivability Equipment
ASEAgatston Score Equivalent
ASEAmerican Sewing Expo
ASEAutonomous Spacecraft Experiment
ASEAviation Safety Engineer (FAA)
ASEAutomatic Support Equipment
ASEArmament Support Equipment
ASEAerospace Support Equipment
ASEautomated stabilization equipment (US DoD)
ASEActive Server Enterprise (Sybase)
ASEAutomation Software for Engineers
ASEAir Sea Experiment
ASEAirborne Search Equipment
ASEActive Systems Exploitation/ATD
ASEAutomotive Safety and Energy (China State Laboratory)
ASEArmy Support Element
ASEAirborne Support Environment
ASEAC Shaker Electronics
ASEAssistant Supervisor of Elections
ASENational Air Space System Engineering Service (FAA)
ASEAeronautical Source Environment
ASE(USN Rating) Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Electrical)
ASEAdministrative Support Equipment
ASEAdvance Systems Engineering
ASEAdvanced Sensor Exploitation/Exploration
ASEAntenna System Echo
ASEAverage Sampling Error
ASEAda-based Software Engineering (Arcadia software)
ASEAuxiliary Stabilization Extension
ASEAlternative Sheltered Employment
ASEAll Source Extended
ASEAntistreptococcal Esterase
ASEAmerican Street Edge (martial arts studio; Springfield, MO)
ASEAutomotive Service Equipment
ASEAir Interface Speech Equivalent (wireless communication)
ASEAlternative Search Engine
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As Figure 2 on the next page shows, stabilized by inter- and intra-chain hydrogen bridges, ASE forms a three-dimensional configuration capable of adhering to the surface of the skin and forming a cohesive biological film with sufficient flexibility to stretch and adjust between the polar heads of the lipids without disrupting their organization (Sum et al.
Another significant attribute of the commodity approach lies in integration interoperability Rapidly growing in importance, this attribute creates advantages in both the internal integration of ASE into multiple platforms and the external integration of ASE into broader communication networks like the global information grid.
To achieve the required level of integration, high-level ASE system control must be granted to the integration function.
NDESA can help provide greater combat range for military aircraft, tanks, ships and other weapons platforms, because replacing an obsolete engine with a more efficient one allows any weapons system to go further on a gallon of gas," said ASE.
Several application partners such as Calypso, Bradmark, Mysis and SunGard and systems management, storage and tools providers including BMC, Bradmark, Guardium and Orsyp have certified their products with ASE 15 to ensure that joint customers' growing data management requirements are met.
High-performance transaction processing: The new SAP ASE database MemScale option supports extreme transaction processing applications executed by large numbers of concurrent users.
With Adaptive Server Enterprise, it only took days to port from a TeleScope Enterprise Microsoft SQL Server running on NT to ASE running on Mac OS X.
ASE Test provides a full range of testing services to integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless companies around the world.
The new overhauled infrastructure comprises of ASE s UCCloud, a complete voice management system bringing together unified communications and cloud technologies built on Cisco's Unified Communications Manager (UCM) infrastructure.
This benchmark shows that customers utilizing the HP Server rp8400 with Sybase ASE 12.
Vitesse, a leading provider of advanced IC solutions for Carrier and Enterprise Networks, selected ASE for consistently providing the technology and manufacturing acumen pertinent to the successful production of its sophisticated, high-performance communication devices.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) declared that it has partnered with Inotera Memories to boost ASE s System-in-Package (SiP) capabilities.