ASEAGAachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG (German)
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The ASEAG intends 4 articulated buses (~ 18 m) and 1 double articulated bus (~ 25 m) in 2016, 5 articulated buses in 2017 and 4 articulated buses in 2018 to procure low-floor technology with pure battery-electric drive, together with the required charging technology and after delivery in their use entire route network on proper courses.
Delivery, planning and commissioning of a new (((eTicket client system when ASEAG consisting of - Leading background system for KA roles KVPS and DLS;- Centralized customer management;- Subscription contract management;- EBE-incident management;- Demand management and statistics;- Web Services for ABO-Online;- Personalization units for chip cards (CIP PE);- Mobile Terminals (((eTicket control and EBE-incident detection.
Delivery, planning, installation and commissioning of new (((eTicket components in vehicles ASEAG Equipment of 340 vehicles with EFM systems consisting of.