ASEAMA Simplified Energy Analysis Method (energy consumption calculation method)
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2006): (1) Simplified Spreadsheet Programs, such as BEST (Waltz 2000); (2) Simplified System Simulation Method, such as SEAM and ASEAM (Knebel 1983, ASEAM 1991); (3) Fixed Schematic Hourly Simulation Program, such as DOE-2 (Winkelmann et al.
In a declaration at the start of the ASEAM summit, leaders said: "We call on the international community to avoid indiscriminately advising their citizens to refrain from visiting or otherwise dealing with our countries in the absence of established evidence to substantiate rumours of possible terrorist attacks.
SAIC also assisted in the development and validation testing of the DOE-2 energy use calculation program for the DOE and developed simplified calculation methods called ASEAM and ASEAM-2.