ASEKAircrew Survival Egress Knife (weaponry; US Army)
ASEKA Spooky Electric Kaleidoscope
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Check to see if the ASEK interferes with the restraint system or emergency egress.
If the ASEK touches your head, adjust it to avoid a hazard.
Incorrect mounting of the ASEK on the upper front chest of the PSGC may contribute to injury or death to personnel during a crash sequence.
The ASEK may be worn on the inside or outside of either calf.
If leg mounting is deemed undesirable, the ASEK may be worn on the PSGC, and must be positioned to avoid a head strike in case of an accident.
Here are the approved ASEK knife NSNs that'll be fielded with the Air Warrior ensemble:
For info on the ASEK knife, contact John Jolly, DSN 876-6538, email john.