ASEMAgent Spécialisé des Ecoles Maternelles (French: Nursery School Specialized Agent)
ASEMAssembly of Station by EVA Methods
ASEMApplication-Specific Electronic Module
ASEMAmerican Society of Esthetic Medicine
ASEMAccidentally Sent E-Mail (Internet scam)
ASEMAnti-Satellite Engagement Model
ASEMAirside Element Manager
ASEMAntiship Euro Missile
ASEMAdvanced Simulation Endgame Model
ASEMAutomated Scanning Electron Microscope
ASEMArkansas Sports & Events Marketing
ASEMAsia-Europe Meeting
ASEMAmerican Society for Engineering Management (Rolla, MO)
ASEMAviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
ASEMAdvanced Search Engine Marketing (electronic commerce)
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Ideas were also expressed on how ASEM could tackle future challenges, while maintaining its unique informal nature.
Van Rompuy welcomed Norway, Switzerland and Bangladesh as new ASEM members.
Aso also sought other ASEM members' support for efforts at the six-party talks to denuclearize North Korea as well as Japan's efforts to resolve Pyongyang's abductions of Japanese nationals, the official said.
Starting with the latest talks, five countries -- India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bulgaria and Romania -- as well as the secretariat of the 10-member ASEAN have been accepted into the ASEM framework.
The Minister informed that Cyprus last hosted the 11th ASEM Conference of Director Generals of Immigration, which focused on the management of migratory flows.
These figures were released Monday by Eurostat, the EU's statistical office, on the occasion of the 9th ASEM Summit, which will take place on 5 and 6 November in Laos.
In the declaration on ASEM's future, the leaders welcomed the ''decision on ASEM enlargement taken at the Helsinki Summit, which underlines the inclusive character of the process and highlights the key role that ASEM plays in the international framework.
ASEM is a forum for the leaders from 25 nations including the European Commission to discuss political, economic and social issues.
Aziz is travelling to India to attend ASEM Foreign Ministers meet on November 11 and November 12.
From 2000 to 2011, the share of the ASEM partners in EU27 exports rose from 22% to 30%, and in imports from 36% to 44%.
It aimed to contribute a youth perspective to the upcoming 12th ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting that will start on November 5th in Luxembourg.
The 51 ASEM partner countries represent about 60 percent of the world's GDP, population and global trade.