ASEPAmerican Sport Education Program (Champaign, Illinois)
ASEPAmerican Society of Exercise Physiologists
ASEPAutomotive Service Educational Program (General Motors)
ASEPAsymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (statistical physics)
ASEPAssociate Systems Engineering Professional (certification)
ASEPAccident Sequence Evaluation Program
ASEPAdvanced Skills Education Program
ASEPAssociation of Sexual Energy Professionals
ASEPAmerican Society of Electroplated Plastics
ASEPAnotato Symvoulio Epilogis Prosopikou (Greek: board of public employees)
ASEPAverage Symbol Error Probability
ASEPAuto-Start Extensibility Point
ASEPASEAN Subregional Environment Program
ASEPAggreko Special Equipment Production
ASEPAgents Simplified Employee Pension
ASEPAnalytic Software Effort Probability (risk model)
ASEPAdvanced Scientific Computer Enhancement Project
ASEPAfter School Enrichment Program
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Pimentel, ASEP past president, spoke about facades design on high-rise buildings, as well as new software used in structural designs.
Badr Jafar, chief executive officer of Crescent Enterprises and managing director of the Crescent Group, who spearheaded the partnership with Ashoka, said the launch of ASEP will catalyse social entrepreneurship in the Gulf by establishing a community of the region's business entrepreneurs as supporters and linking them to Ashoka's global network.
NOV ASEP Elmar, the market leader in the design and manufacture of wireline pressure control equipment and winches, has launching its newest innovation, the NOV ASEP Elmar e-drive, which is expected to set a new standard in wireline logging and slickline activity.
The Visiting Researcher Award was awarded to Professor Julien Baker following his keynote presentation at the 10th ASEP national meeting this month in Duluth, Minnesota.
Although a non-exclusive organization, the ACSM has the size and organizational partnerships to aid ASEP in unified credentialing efforts.
ASEP coaching clinics: Kidsports still has space for parents who want to learn how to coach their children's teams in its American Sport Education Program clinics.
I don't think there is any question that the ASEP program has been effective," says Senate Education Chair Teel Bivens.
227) By coordinating studies and programs concerning the needs of the member states, ASEP has attempted to promote cooperation among the countries of the continent.
INCOSE's internationally recognized certifications - the ESEP, CSEP, ASEP and -Acq (U.
Postsecondary Programs, Manufacturer Affiliated--Seminole Community College, General Motors ASEP
The presenter is Bill Bowers, past athletic director at Springfield High School and a nationally certified ASEP clinician.