ASEPAAmerican Samoa Environmental Protection Agency
ASEPAAmerican Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants
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Additionally, for the first time ASEPA will also receive $292,000 in 2015-2016 Wetlands Program Development Grants to conduct water quality monitoring and assess the health of watersheds and their adjacent coral reefs.
Protect human health and reduce leptospirosis through implementation of ASEPA s Piggery Compliance Program;Protect coastal waters, coral reefs and indigenous biota through water quality monitoring and beach monitoring to help ensure American Samoa has clean beaches for swimming and fishing;Conduct outreach and education to American Samoa s schools and communities, the Keep American Samoa Beautiful (KASB) Campaign, and American Samoa s Anti-Litter Program; Clean up and development contaminated sites;Educate farmers on proper pesticide application techniques, and eliminate illegal importation and use of unregistered/foreign pesticides;Inspect underground and above ground fuel storage tanks;Emergency response, hazardous waste, and clean air program management.
Protection of human health and reduction in leptospirosis through implementation of ASEPA s Piggery Compliance Program;