ASERVICAssociation for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (formerly National Catholic Guidance Conference)
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7), which align with creative force and search for meaning distinguished in the ASERVIC white paper.
Additionally, recognition of the differences between spirituality and religion (Allen & Coy, 2004; ASERVIC 2005, 2009; Morrison et al.
The NSCI (ASCA, 2005) include identification of values, and assuming ownership of a value system is offered as an aspect of spirituality in the ASERVIC white paper (2005).
The ASERVIC white paper (2005) refers to the ramifications of pursuing spirituality as one is drawn to share one's talents in their natural communities.
The ASERVIC writers offered that spiritual development is achieving wholeness.
In 1995 ASERVIC endorsed the "Summit on Spirituality" where invited ACA members collaborated to compile competencies they believe counselors need in terms of spirituality (Young, Wiggins-Frame, & Cashwell, 2007).