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ASET will operate the cloud managed services environment and provide mainframe services to multiple customers.
ASET is compared with the product of the assigned safety factor and RSET.
000 for a graduate just entering the field, to more than $70,000 per year for lab managers or independent contractors, according to ASET data.
The early integration of the ASET business will bring additional benefits during the second half of this year and on into 2008-09.
While the facility is currently running the Mack ASET engines, production has begun on the Mack's MP7 engines, with 2007 models in testing with customers.
The ASET fund would be overseen by the State Land Board, which consists of the governor, secretary of state and state treasurer.
Alongside the ASET upgrades, the Air Force's UMTE will also be adding night-vision and "double-digit" technology.
Kinamik will help ASET increase the evidential weight of their data and reduce security and integrity concerns related to their platform's IaaS deployment
Elizabeth Buck, previously MetaStat's chief scientific officer of Therapeutics, will lead ASET Therapeutics as its chief scientific officer and chief operating officer.
Coventry-based Education Development International, a leading provider of accredited qualifications and assessment services, has acquired vocational awarding body ASET Group in a deal worth pounds 2.
The Mack EO-N Premium Plus '03 specification is required for the Mack ASET family of engines, which utilize exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).