ASF1Anti-Silencing Function 1 (gene)
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In the present study, a novel G to C substitution (1104G>C) (pE368Q) was screened by PCR-SSCP in exon 2 of GJA8 and this tansversion altered exceedingly conserved glutamic acid to glutamine at site which was involved in coding of ASF1 like histone chaperone.
The researchers describe how they analyzed more than 5,000 genes from a human egg, or oocyte, before determining that the ASF1 A, along with another gene known as OCT4 and a helper soluble molecule, were the ones responsible for the reprogramming.
Assessment of Billing as a Aero sport tourist destination: A gap analysis A Aero Sport factors Performance Importance Mean X1 Mean X2 ASF1 Physical Factors- landscape, altitude, climate and direction of wind etc.