ASFARAmericans for a Society Free of Age Restrictions
ASFARAlliance of Space-Faring Alien Races (fictional alliance from the game Terminal Velocity)
ASFARActive Sonar Frequency Analysis and Recording
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Activist Ahmed Halayka reported that the land belongs to Abdel Kader and Moussa Abu Shanab Al-Ayayda and it's located in the area of Zaafaran, where the Asfar settlement was established.
In 2007, Suez won the Gabal El Asfar Optimisation contract (300,000 m3 /day), and in 2008 the contract to expand the Alexandria East plant (800,000 m3 /day).
In these simple photographs, Asfar emphasizes the different patterns inscribed in the tangled sheets, which become landscapes of rolling hills and shadowed valleys.
Kk Asfar (Palestinian Yellow Easter Bread) It's Easter.
A consortium of Passavant-Roediger, a wholly owned German subsidiary of Drake & Scull International (DSI); Acciona, Spain's leading private developer and manager of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services; and Hassan Allam Sons, Egypt's largest construction and property group, has won a Dh545 million contract to expand the Gabal Al Asfar Waste Water Treatment Plant (GWWTP) on the outskirts of Cairo.
While the minister's enthusiasm knew no bounds Wesam Al Ghagigi of Asfar Alharoj admitted that at present 99 percent of tourism is outgoing and travel agents are organising trips for Libyans who are travelling on business or for medical treatment.
The panelists included Victoria Cruz-Garcia, of the Tampa Bay Hispanic Bar; Cory Person, of the George Edgecomb Bar; Jason Liu, of the Asian Pacific American Bar; Christine Derr, of the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers; Navin Pasem, of the South Asian Bar; Kim Byrd, of the National LGBT Association; and Ric Asfar, who is working to create a bar for persons of Middle Eastern and North African descent.
The five Birmingham men are serving terms of up to 24 years' imprisonment after they were convicted at Stafford Crown Court in November 2011 of conspiring to kill Mohammed Asfar.
ESTABLISHING its footprint even further in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, business services provider Travelport has announced the continuation of its long-term relationships with three major travel agencies in the country -- Asfar Travel, Transcontinents and Roibek Travel.
Across the Pennines in Bradford, Naila Asfar fled her home in Bradford to avoid being forced to marry her cousin in 2009.
Ali Asfar, director general of archaeology on the Giza plateau, said, 'We want to give people a reason to come back, to give them something new.