ASFARAmericans for a Society Free of Age Restrictions
ASFARAlliance of Space-Faring Alien Races (fictional alliance from the game Terminal Velocity)
ASFARActive Sonar Frequency Analysis and Recording
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There's also a short video by Asfar that takes the viewer on a haunting tour of Zoqaq al-Blat's Qasr al-Heneine -- erected by an exiled Russian notable in the 1870s and former home of Beirut's U.
He explained that the terrorists carried out, at the same time, an attack from the Hamil and Asfar villages towards the Hamrin Heights to get to Ajil oil field, where there are violent clashes now near Ajil oil field to prevent any progress to Daash, adding the military aviation began launching missile strikes towards Daash gatherings and their vehicles.
Introduction: The Association of African Universities (AAU) was established in 1967 with the mandate ofadvocating for the educational and related needs of African higher education institutions and, asfar as practicable, coordinating the means by which these needs may be met.
A group of extremist settlers from the Asfar (Metzad) settlement, to the east of the town of Al Shuyoukh, on Tuesday night uprooted 550 olive tree saplings then ran away.
Located in Cairo, Gabal El Asfar is the biggest wastewater treatment facility on the east bank of the Nile.
These boys and girls reside and study on the campus," AMU Registrar Asfar Ali Khan said in a letter.
including Al Reswa Bridge in Port Said, Al Hamoul Bridge in Kafr El Sheikh & Al Gabal Al Asfar in Cairo.
Kk Asfar (Palestinian Yellow Easter Bread) It's Easter.
A consortium of Passavant-Roediger, a wholly owned German subsidiary of Drake & Scull International (DSI); Acciona, Spain's leading private developer and manager of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services; and Hassan Allam Sons, Egypt's largest construction and property group, has won a Dh545 million contract to expand the Gabal Al Asfar Waste Water Treatment Plant (GWWTP) on the outskirts of Cairo.
A consortium of Passavant-Roediger GmbH and Hassan Allam Sons has won an AED 545 million contract to expand the Gabal Al Asfar Waste Water Treatment Plant (GWWTP) on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.
The panelists included Victoria Cruz-Garcia, of the Tampa Bay Hispanic Bar; Cory Person, of the George Edgecomb Bar; Jason Liu, of the Asian Pacific American Bar; Christine Derr, of the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers; Navin Pasem, of the South Asian Bar; Kim Byrd, of the National LGBT Association; and Ric Asfar, who is working to create a bar for persons of Middle Eastern and North African descent.
The five Birmingham men are serving terms of up to 24 years' imprisonment after they were convicted at Stafford Crown Court in November 2011 of conspiring to kill Mohammed Asfar.