ASFDAmerican Society of Furniture Designers (stock symbol)
ASFDAustralian Society of Forensic Dentistry
ASFDAustin Science Fun Day
ASFDAssociation Suisse des Fonctionnaires aux Douanes
ASFDAzienda di Stato delle Foreste Demaniali
ASFDAdaptive Software Flight Demonstration
ASFDAustralian Standards Framework Descriptors
ASFDAltamonte Springs Fire Department (Florida)
ASFDAnglo Solvent Free Degreaser
ASFDActive Squeeze Film Damper
ASFDAmerican Society of Freedmen Descendants
ASFDAutres Systèmes Financiers Décentralisés
ASFDAssociation of Swiss Film Distributors
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ASFD, Ordinazioni Capitolari; cited in Bonomelli, 21: "Incarico affidato a Federico Barocci di dipingere una tavola rappresentante ii Presepio.
ASFD, Ordinazioni Gapicolari; cited in Bonomelli, 22: "lire 570 imp.
The award honors David Kline, a career furniture designer and past member of ASFD.
The awards wilt be presented during the ASFD Spring Furniture Market dinner on Tuesday, March 27 in High Point.
In recognition of its third-time sponsor, the ASFD invites college students to enter a furniture design project that uses Hafele's UV glass bonding hardware.
An Asian influence is evident in the Dynasty Collection, the Casual Dining award winner by Fred Puksta, ASFD, and Peter Saloom for Saloom Furniture.
ASFD is a nationwide, nan-profit organization whose purpose is to advance and improve the profession of furniture design.
On behalf of the ASFD board, we appreciate your continued enthusiasm and support of the annual Pinnacle Awards.
The Pinnacle Design Achievement Awards were created in 1995 by the ASFD board to promote better design quality and to encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry.
Steve Hodges, ASFD, president of Steve Hodges Assoc.
In addition, ASFD president David Kline presented member Karl Felperin with a special Pinnacle Award for recognition of his service as chairman of the 1996 and 1997 award competitions.
Solie has served as ASFD chairman, president, vice president and director.