ASFEAdvanced Security for Field Engineers (exam; Cisco)
ASFEAlliance for Synthetic Fuels in Europe
ASFEAssociation of Soil and Foundation Engineers
ASFEAmerican Society of Foundation Engineers
ASFEAssistant Secretary for Fossil Energy (US Department of Energy)
ASFEAnnual Support Fee
ASFEAccelerometer Scale Factor Error
ASFEAdvanced Strike Force Elite (gaming clan)
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Like ASFE any contributions of funds for the above stated purposes for ISFF from any person, foreign government, or international organization may be credited to ISFF and used for such purposes.
Synthetic fuels made from natural gas and biomass can reduce gasoline dependency and provide a cost effective, realistic development path between today's fuels and longer term renewable energy, according to ASFE.
Speaking at the ASFE launch in Brussels in March, Shell executive director Rob Routs said synthetic fuels could be "bridges to the new low-carbon renewable fuels", such as hydrogen fuel cells.
ASFE also offers a free brochure on its Web site (www.
1995), `Monetary and Fiscal Stabilization of Demand Shocks in Europe', Oxford, Institute of Economics and Statistics, mimeo (paper presented to an ASFE conference on European economic integration, Nantes, 8 June).
ASFE will support research and demonstration projects and work to promote synthetic fuels with the general public and decision-makers.
Peer review is a well-established and highly respected aspect of the ASFE Loss Prevention Program.
and Executive VP of ASFE (Associated Soil and Foundations Engineers) will show how to boost your firm's profitability, radically lower its exposure to claims and losses and how to motivate colleagues and friends to help you.