ASFMAmerican School Foundation of Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico)
ASFMAdelaide Showground Farmers Market (Adelaide, Australia)
ASFMAcoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (water study)
ASFMAll Season Floor Mats
ASFMAssistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management
ASFMAutomatic Shutdown-or-Feedback Mechanism
ASFMAmerican School of French Marquetry (San Diego, CA)
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Fifteen participants had a follow-up ASFM and SGA in 3 to 6 months from their initial measurement.
Twelve of 15 patients who had a follow-up ASFM and SGA were clinically euvolemic.
The average LBM% calculated by ASFM and DEXA at baseline was 70.
Comparability Between LBM% and Nutritional Status by ASFM and SGA
Assessment of nutritional status by SGA of the severely malnourished group (SGA Category C) had a significant correlation with the nutritional status (LBM%) calculated by ASFM, but it was not found to be significant in those who were mildly malnourished or suspected of malnutrition (SGA Category B).
A comparison of LBM% measured by ASFM at two different times is shown in Figure 3 (baseline and repeated in three to six months' time).
LBM% by ASFM is a simple and potentially cost-effective way of assessing LBM%.
We found that LBM% measured by ASFM was comparable to LBM% estimated by whole-body DEXA, with the mean difference being--1.
The LBM% calculated by ASFM and DEXA was substantially correlated in our study.
She adds: "As more and more customers are expressing interest in implementing advanced smart city solutions, ASFM will be in the privileged position of being able to cater to any such future project needs through the invaluable lessons learned over the D3 journey.
For ASFM, the 'right' choice lies with Tecom Investment and its d3 project.