ASFSAAmerican School Food Service Association
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So no one was very surprised when ASFSA members identified the public image of school nutrition programs as their number one priority in 2001.
Findings from the 2000 California High School Fast Food Survey reflect the situation across the country, as the US General Accounting Office and ASFSA reported.
The 46 staff of the 55,000-member ASFSA and its sister Child Nutrition Foundation are immersed in countless programs and services, all designed to achieve one thing: to see that all children have access to nutritious meals during the school day.
All ASFSA members and the general public are invited to participate in the scheduled online chat with Camorongan.
Although I heard some wonderful war stories, I was looking for a workable process for ASFSA.
With 6,500 members, ASFSA targeted only the 500 at the director level for fee-based e-mail services soon to be transferred to a Web site.
ASFSA partnered with America's Second Harvest and local food pantries to provide state and local affiliates with donation points.
Facing a significant increase in the number and seriousness of issues affecting the school food service industry, ASFSA decided that its response must be rooted in professionalism.
ASFSA president Gaye Lynn MacDonald said, "School meals are among the safest meals available and we will continue to make sure that is the case.
To keep their information fresh, ASFSA used an IBM computer with Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture.
Today's statement builds on ASFSA's fifty-six years of feeding and caring for America's school children," said ASFSA President Gaye Lynn MacDonald.