ASFVAfrican Swine Fever Virus
ASFVAutism Society of the Fox Valley (Menasha, WI)
ASFVAnesthesia Services of the Fox Valley (Oshkosh, WI)
ASFVAccounting Students of the Fraser Valley (Canada)
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One possibility is that that the virus entered Georgia through meat products since ASFV may remain viable for long periods in infected pig tissues, meat, and processed pig products.
Dr Rowlands studied for her PhD at the Institute for Animal Health Pirbright Laboratory on the interaction of ASFV with the tick vector Ornithodoros erraticus and on the molecular epidemiology of ASFV.
Determination of the sequence of the ASFV isolate that was introduced into the Caucasus region provides a benchmark to which other isolates from this epidemic can be compared.
In June 2007, ASFV was identified in the Caucasus region, including Georgia, Russian Federation, and Armenia (2).
Collected ticks were tested for ASFV infection by nested PCR amplification of the VP72 gene, a method considered most sensitive for detection of viral DNA in ticks (14).
Researchers at the National Research Institute for Veterinary Virology and Microbiology (VNIIVViM) in Pokrov, Russia, have developed a classification of ASFV isolates based on a hemadsorption inhibition assay (HAI) with ASFV reference immune antisera.
After the presence of ASFV was confirmed in samples, initial genetic characterization was performed by using standardized genotyping procedures on virus DNA extracted directly from homogenized tissues and from bone marrow samples.
Historically, all ASFV p72 genotypes have been circulating in eastern and southern Africa, and genotype I has been circulating in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and western Africa (2,3).
Most field strains of ASFV can persistently infect Ornithodoros ticks, including the species O.
6] 50% tissue culture infectious dose of the ASFV Caucasus isolate.
The aim was to define clinical signs, disease dynamics, and postmortem lesions in wild boars after intramuscular and oral infection with ASFV Caucasus isolates.
Clinical material was sent to the European Union Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever (Centro de Investigacion en Sanidad Animal, Madrid, Spain) for confirmatory diagnosis and characterization of the ASFV strain(s) responsible for the outbreak(s).