ASGKAirsoft Gun Kai (regulating organization for Airsoft manufacturers)
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An accomplished marketing communications executive, Marcus joins ASGK having had nearly three decades of public relations experience and success.
Wade comes to ASGK Public Strategies following his tenure at the White House Office of Communications, where he aided messaging efforts around several core national policy initiatives.
About ASGK Public Strategies ASGK Public Strategies is the nationally recognized communications management firm founded in 2002 by David Axelrod and Eric Sedler.
From our inception, ASGK has intensely focused on building best-in-class public affairs capabilities.
Chris Lisi, who joins ASGK as a part-time managing director, has helped shape the public relations, marketing and political communications agendas of world-class organizations for more than a decade.
Judy Erwin, managing director, joins ASGK after serving as the executive director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), the State of Illinois' postsecondary policy and coordinating agency.
Bryan DeAngelis, principal, comes to ASGK following his service to Sen.