ASHIPAssociation of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians
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A non-profit, school district membership organization, ASHIP provides administrative services to 70 percent of Arizona public school districts, encompassing over 176 districts statewide.
American Community offers ASHIP members a choice of four large-group PPO plans, developed in collaboration with ASHIP.
June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- American Community Mutual Insurance Company, a leading provider of individual and group health insurance, announces it has been named the endorsed health insurance partner for ASHIP, the Arizona School Health Insurance Programs, Inc.
While in Baden-Wurttemberg MEDI opposes the ASHIP-system, it cooperates with the ASHIP in Rhineland-Palatinate.
In Hessen the conflict between general practitioners and specialists dominates the assembly of the ASHIP.
The best known and by now most successful new cooperative is the MEDI group which was founded by former officials of a southern ASHIP as a parallel organization to the corporate bodies.
If more than 70 percent of the physicians within a medical specialty, a region or a federal state deliberately resign from their approval as ASHIP members, the responsibility for the services passes on to the sickness funds.
Though they have not only been able to compete successfully against the local ASHIP, they also dominate their competitor at the same time.
The ASHIP negotiated with the sickness funds on both the regional and the national levels.
Most of the northern and eastern federal states have changing confederations of associations that usually include the regional ASHIP.
Maintenance and support for the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, the Medical Association of Brandenburg and the cash ASHIP Bremen.
ASHIP selected Tucson-based HealthEquity to administer the accounts for 475 employees who selected this option.