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ASHRAAtlantic Seniors Housing Research Alliance (Canada)
ASHRAArizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption (est. 1989)
ASHRAAll-sky Survey High Resolution Air-shower detector
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Frankie and Ashra are separated by millennia, by fiction and reality, but in the end the barrier shatters.
Deal cycles were longer this year," said Devesh Ashra, Hong Kong-based bond syndicate banker with BofA Merrill Lynch.
Commander Mahzat, also known as Zanzir, was killed along with nine associates in an airstrike and operations in Dara-i-Kohna Khumar and Khota Ashra areas of Maidan Shahr.
Zebari pointed out that the international organization and foreign states and governments are to fulfill their commitments in resettling the residents of Ashra Camp.
This proxy has been used by Ashra (2002) and Hanif and Batool (2006).
Wright, who did not apply for bail, is charged with the attempted robbery of Harsik Ashra Rajaysur and assault causing him harm at Grafton Street.
The firm has hired Devesh Ashra as head of Asia debt capital markets syndicate, while Hital Desai would be part of the bond syndicate team.
There will be readings by several authors, including Nilam Ashra McGrath, who will give people insight from her book about her experiences as a writer.
Ashra commemorates the slaughter of Imam al-Hussein Ibn Ali, Prophet Muhammad's grandson, in the battle of Taf in Karbala in the hegira year 61 (680 in the Gregorian calendar).
Bhubaneswar, July 15 (ANI): Mission Ashra, an NGO in Orissa that helps specially abled women reunite with their families, hosted a special event to mark the 350th family reunion of such unfortunate women at Bhubaneswar on Thursday.
The second part "Majnoon Laila" is written by Muhammad Rifat and stars Khaled Abu Al Naja, Laila Taher, Jihan Fadel and Ashra Zaki.
THE FIELD Stockholm, Sweden Ashra "Sunrain" (Isadora)