ASI-SIGAdvanced Switching Interconnect Special Interest Group
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Xilinx, along with other industry leaders, is on the board of directors of the new ASI-SIG and is actively participating in the continuing development and enhancement of the Advanced Switching specification.
StarGen, the leading developer of Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI) solutions, announced its sponsorship of a series of seminars organized by the ASI-SIG to educate system architects and technology managers on the features and applications of Advanced Switching (ASI).
The ASI-SIG seminar tour is starting in Westford, MA and will end in April in San Jose CA, after several Asian and European dates.
Registration for the Westford event is presently open at the ASI-SIG website, at http://www.
As members of the ASI-SIG Board of Directors, Xilinx and other industry-leading companies will work to identify, promote and establish open, standard fabric technology interfaces that will complement and maximize the PCI Express foundation.
It's an honor for Xilinx to have been invited to serve on the ASI-SIG Board of Directors," Mark Aaldering, senior director of the IP Solutions Division at Xilinx.
1 specification, full compatibility with PCI Express and future ASI-SIG defined endpoints, as well as the ability to fully implement the ASI-SIG fabric management software suite.
In order to interoperate with ASI-SIG defined standards-based fabric management software, Kestrel includes a fully compliant ASI portal.