ASIC3Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 3
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ASIC3 in the cerebrospinal fluid-contacting nucleus of brain parenchyma contributes to inflammatory pain in rats.
Sustained currents through ASIC3 ion channels at the modest pH changes that occur during myocardial ischemia.
ASIC3, a sensor of acidic and primary inflammatory pain.
ASIC3 channels integrate agmatine and multiple inflammatory signals through the nonproton ligand sensing domain.
These two mechanisms involve the nociceptors ASIC3 (acid-sensing ion channel) and TRPV1 (transient receptor potential) channel in pain sensing neurons.
However, only ASIC3 seems to be involved in inflammatory pain [117, 118].
For example, ASIC3 and TRPV1 open as a result of increased acidity and reactive oxygen species, respectively.