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ASIDEAssistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (India)
ASIDEApplication-Specific Interactive Develop Environment
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Callous, concentrated on evil, with stained mind, and soul hungry for rebellion, Dorian Gray hastened on, quickening his step as he went, but as he darted aside into a dim archway, that had served him often as a short cut to the ill-famed place where he was going, he felt himself suddenly seized from behind, and before be had time to defend himself, he was thrust back against the wall, with a brutal hand round his throat.
I will simply not turn aside, will run up against him, not very violently, but just shouldering each other--just as much as decency permits.
I made every preparation, I was quite determined--it seemed as though we should run into one another directly--and before I knew what I was doing I had stepped aside for him again and he had passed without noticing me.
First lay aside your black veil: then tell me why you put it on.
There is an hour to come," said he, "when all of us shall cast aside our veils.
He could not walk the street with any peace of mind, so conscious was he that the gentle and timid would turn aside to avoid him, and that others would make it a point of hardihood to throw themselves in his way.
But in his most convulsive struggles, and in the wildest vagaries of his intellect, when no other thought retained its sober influence, he still showed an awful solicitude lest the black veil should slip aside.
Before the veil of eternity be lifted, let me cast aside this black veil from your face
They regretted that they had complied with M'Dougal's wishes, in laying aside their arms, and remarked, that, however the Americans might conceal the fact, they were undoubtedly all slaves; nor could they be persuaded of the contrary, until they beheld the Raccoon depart without taking away any prisoners.
When Anne dressed for it she tossed aside the pearl beads she usually wore and took from her trunk the small box that had come to Green Gables on Christmas day.
Emily laid it aside, deferring her answer until she had read Cecilia's letter.
While 13% of people in the region surveyed have no savings at all to fall back on, and 16% have less than pounds 249 set aside as a financial safety net, said the survey by HSBC.