ASIGAircraft Service International Group (commercial aviation; Orlando, FL)
ASIGAtlantic Sea Island Group (New York, NY)
ASIGAfrica Special Interest Group
ASIGAerospace Special Interest Group
ASIGAssociation Suisses et Internationaux de Genève (Geneva Swiss International Association; Geneva, Switzerland)
ASIGAgriculture Strategy Implementation Group (Minister for Environment and Rural Development; Scotland, UK)
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On those rare occasions where the early-morning flights are running late Mr Frost says that while tasks like security checks and refuelling are jobs that can't be hurried along, ASIG is "pretty good" at being able to supply extra manpower to speed up the cleaning process when required.
Focusing on the design, workmanship, operation mode and reliability of the electronic equipment, the ASIG test usually takes 3 months per product and includes stress-tests of components in respect to power, current and temperature.
During Ranger's ownership, ASIG was doubled in size and won numerous quality awards, including best-in-class rankings in independent surveys of hundreds of airlines.
LITTAU, Switzerland -- Dow Electronic Materials (NYSE:DOW) introduces Silveron[TM] MF 100 autocatalytic silver and Aurolectroless[TM] SMT immersion gold for ASIG (autocatalytic silver immersion gold) final finish process for the PCB (printed circuit board) industry.
ASIG HAS announced that Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has awarded it the contract to provide equipment maintenance and operation services for Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
McLendon's growth accomplishments with ASIG are noteworthy.
ASIG will provide ramp handling, tower coordination, bag room staffing, lavatory and water service, cargo and mail handling, aircraft deicing and other services to all 16 airlines operating at Terminal One.
ASIG renewed its agreement with Delta Air Lines to provide aircraft refueling services at 16 US airports.
A WorkBridge company statement said the deal would "provide ASIG with a complete platform for the management of their staff in realtime, including mobile service registration".
ASIG currently provides aircraft fueling services at London Heathrow and several other U.
BBA Aviation companies include Signature Flight Support, ASIG, Executive Beechcraft, Ontic, International Governor Services, APPH, Dallas Airmotive, Premier Turbines, H&S Aviation, International Turbine Service and Barrett Turbine Engine Company.