ASKAPAustralian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (radio telescope)
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Initial commissioning of ASKAP is being done with six of the telescope's 36 antennas.
ASKAP is now functioning properly as an aperture-synthesis telescope," CSIRO's Dr David McConnell, who leads the ASKAP Commissioning and Early Science team, ACES, said.
Dr McConnell said when the ASKAP commissioning team saw the new image, they "practically fell off their chairs".
As the telescope tracks radio sources, the phased array feed is kept in a fixed orientation to the sky, thanks to a special axis of rotation built into each ASKAP antenna.
Dr Duffy said the new ASKAP galaxy surveys would also allow astronomers to probe the nature of one of astronomy's greatest mysteries - Dark Energy.
We calculated how much of the model Universe ASKAP could observe using details of the telescope's capabilities," said co-author Dr Baerbel Koribalski, who has recently been appointed as an Office of the Chief Executive Science Leader at the CSIRO.
Co-author Associate Professor Darren Croton from Swinburne University of Technology also said the predictions would be used to help scientists refine how to handle the large quantity of data ASKAP will produce and test theories of galaxy formation.
ASKAP will become part of the world's largest telescope - the SKA.
Initial funding for ASKAP was provided under the Howard Government in 2006 and the international collaboration has been supported by all Governments since.
Acknowledging CSIRO s achievement at the ASKAP, Australian SKA Director, Professor Brian Boyle said, The future of radio astronomy has arrived.
Since the ASKAP telescope is still going through its commissioning stage, only six of its 36 antennas were used for the test, and only nine of the potential 36 beams were generated as part of the tests.
And Prof Womersley told BBC News: "The important aspect of doing it this way is that we will get more science out of the project in the first phase by taking advantage of the existing ASKAP and Meerkat investments.